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26.04.2024 17:15
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Regulated by the Law of Ukraine ‘On Public Procurement’ and by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated October 12, 2022, No. 1178.


To submit a proposal, please proceed to the procurement

 Review and prepare the necessary documents required by the customer.

DURING THE CLARIFICATION PERIOD, if you have any questions regarding the requirements of the tender documentation or need additional clarification, you can contact the Customer. To do this, please go to the DISCUSSION tab.

Fill in all fields and press SEND A QUESTION.

DURING THE APPEAL PERIOD, if you have noticed any violations or discriminatory requirements in the tender documentation, you may file a complaint to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU). To do this, please go to the CLAIM tab.

Proceed to COMPLAINT TO AMCU. For instructions on how to file a complaint, please see the link.

In the YOUR BID section, the participation cost in this procurement will be indicated. If necessary, you can top up your account balance by clicking on REPLENISH YOUR BALANCE in your dashboard.

Enter your price in the Price offer field and fill in the Subcontractor Information field if you have one (only provide the name). If you don’t have one, leave the field blank and add documents.

Next to each document, you must specify the corresponding Document Type. During the Prequalification period, the price should not be disclosed, so for documents containing price information, choose Budget or Price Proposal as the document type. If a different document type is selected and its disclosure occurs, the Buyer must reject such a proposal.

During the Prequalification period, the following are disclosed:

  • Technical description of the subject of procurement
  • Documents confirming qualifications
  • Documents confirming compliance

During the Qualification period, the following are disclosed:

  • Estimate
  • Price Offer

If necessary, you can hide a document from other participants if it contains confidential information. To do this, check the box next to Confidential Document and be sure to provide justification. Information on proposed price, other evaluation criteria, technical terms, technical specifications, and documents confirming compliance with qualification criteria according to Article 16 of the ‘On Public Procurement’ law, as well as documents confirming the absence of grounds established by Article 17 of this Law, cannot be considered confidential.



You will see a notification that the price proposal has been saved.

Pay for participation in the procurement by clicking PAY PARTICIPATION FROM THE BALANCE.

Agree by clicking OK.

Complete the proposal submission by signing it, clicking SUBMIT A PROPOSAL BY APPLYING CEP/EDS.

Attention! Signature is mandatory for all, except non-residents!


After signing, you will receive a message that the Proposal has been successfully signed using the EDS.

To view the documents that have been submitted, click VIEW THE BID.

You will have the documentation divided into technical and financial sections, with the signature file included in both sections.

While the Proposal Submission period is ongoing, you can edit your proposal. To do this, click EDIT.

Make necessary changes and click SAVE, then enter the confirmation code (sent to your email and phone) and click SEND.

Please note! After making the changes, it is mandatory to sign the proposal!


If you do not wish to participate in the procurement or want to remove documents from the system, go to EDIT and click CANCEL BID.

Agree by clicking OK.

Enter the confirmation code and click SEND; this way, your proposal will be canceled in the system.

After the end of the proposal SUBMISSION PERIOD, the procurement will move to the next stage, which is the PREQUALIFICATION stage, where the buyer reviews the technical documentation of the Participants and admits them to the auction. The buyer has 20 business days to make a decision on all participants.

If the buyer Rejected your proposal, or Admitted a participant who has violations, such decision can be appealed to the AMCU within 5 days. To do this, click on the APPEAL button next to the participant against whom the complaint is filed.

After the Prequalification period ends, an AUCTION will be scheduled in the system, where only admitted Participants will participate. The Participant with the lowest price will be the first to be considered.

Within 5 business days, the Buyers review the Participant’s proposal; if necessary, they may extend the review period to 20 business days, providing justification for such decision.

After determining the Winner, the Participant has 10 days to upload the winner’s documents (certificates and other documents required by the buyer in the tender documentation).

To add winner’s documents, go to the OFFERS REGISTER section. Next to your company, click MY BID and add the documents.

At this stage, there is also an opportunity to appeal the Buyer’s decision within 10 days from the moment of its acceptance. In the QUALIFICATION OF PARTICIPANTS section, click APPEAL next to the participant whose decision you want to appeal. Fill out the necessary form: Requirement to the Buyer or complaint to the AMCU.

The Buyer enters into a contract no earlier than 10 days after determining the Winner in the system if there are no appeals against its decision and no later than 20 days from the date of the decision to enter into a contract.

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